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Why you need to speak to a loan adviser in 2019
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Why you need to speak to a loan adviser in 2019

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Why you need to speak to a loan adviser in 2019

Home loans, interest rates, big banks, Royal Commissions; four major talking points for economists, journalists and everyday Australians over the last few years. The Reserve Bank of Australia has now left interest rates unchanged at their record low of 1.5% for almost 2 years, with many economists predicting more of the same for 2019. But this stability in interest rates hasn’t been coupled with stability in Australian politics, economic outlook and house prices. As home loan figures from the end of 2018 start to filter through, it appears as though banks have responded to these instability factors by tightening lending restrictions, resulting in fewer home loans being approved. Investors and first home buyers alike have been affected by these restrictions, with uncertainty around eligibility and lending criteria causing plenty of stress in Australian households.

What if there was a way to minimise the stress of applying for a home loan, at the same time as improving your chances of approval? Quality home loan advisers have many years of experience negotiating home loans for a range of clients - from the simplest to the most complex. Loan advisors have many ways to help you fast forward through your loan process including – finding and negotiating the most suitable loan rates, appropriate structures,  the right leverage and flexible terms to fit your personal situation.

Why do I need a home loan advisor?

  1. Home loan advisors understand credit policies
Every bank and lending agent operates using different parameters and a great mortgage broker can recommend to you which lender and home loan product will suit your individual circumstances.  A great mortgage broker will also dedicate time to deciphering the jargon and helping you to understand your options and requirements.  For example, many lenders charge an early repayment fee on any early repayments. Many financial advisors advocate for making extra home loan repayments in order to reduce interest paid and pay down debt faster. Your home loan advisor can help you find the terms that enable you to do that and much more.

  1. Home loan advisors are independent
A great home loan advisor is more of an educator than a sales person, a professional who places your needs first. This means your home loan advisor will be objective and unbiased when presenting their options for you.  As opposed to applying directly through a bank, your home loan advisor isn’t beholden to a particular home loan product. This means you won’t get a biased opinion on which solution is best for you.  Your home loan advisor works for you and ensuring you get approved for the best mortgage for your circumstances is their primary concern.

  1. A home loan advisor provides ongoing support and consultation
Just because a great home loan advisor will get it right from the start, doesn’t mean your circumstances and needs won’t change over time. A great home loan advisor will review your circumstances a minimum of once every 12 months. This allows them to ensure your borrowing structure is still meeting personalised goals and needs.  Home loan advisors are also able to negotiate with the banks directly when it comes to fixed rate review dates and possible changes to payment terms.  When your life changes, so should your financial strategy.

Choose a home loan advisor capable of delivering a full financial package

Mortgage brokers only sell mortgages and related products and are Registered Financial Advisors, but they are not allowed to give personalised advice regarding other aspects of your financial situation. This means they can have a narrow view of your needs, not able to take into consideration other financial factors and advise on your financial planning and insurance needs when you really need them most. Your Future Strategy financial advisors are able to delve into every aspect of your financial situation, building the most comprehensive product for your needs. Having a financial advisor with expertise in a number of different fields is the best way to ensure your financial health in 2019.