When this client engaged us, we developed a strategy to help them achieve their goals which included some premium quality property investments in great locations. This provided them with a fantastic portfolio, well-positioned for strong capital growth in the future.

This wonderful investment nestled in the coveted suburb of Salisbury, a mere 12 kilometres from Brisbane CBD, is part of that portfolio.

We strategically acquired a substantial block featuring an older-style house, which was demolished, and the land split into two lots. This clever move enabled the creation of two distinct homes, adding versatility and value to the client’s assets.

This stunning home (pictured) is the first of two builds as a result of the subdivision, which will deliver a significant increase in value.

To achieve an airy and inviting ambiance, we integrated high ceilings and a neutral colour palette, amplifying natural light and openness. Premium finishes were thoughtfully selected to infuse each space with refined elegance, ensuring the home exudes both sophistication and contemporary charm,” says Casey Webster, our Property Strategy Assistant.

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