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Our Success Stories

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We measure our success by whether we have helped our clients achieve their goals and dreams. Here are some of their stories.


sucess Lauren

My experience with Your Future Strategy has changed the way I look at money. What I do with my money now is completely different to what I used to – although I must admit I still buy the occasional pair of shoes.

When I started a new job, it prompted me to start looking into my financial decisions. I was financially savvy enough to realise that the decisions I made early in life would impact my future financial independence, but that didn’t mean I knew how to make them.

Your Future Strategy put everything in to perspective. They took the time to teach me what it means to invest over a lifetime from property investment, shares, superannuation all the way through to retirement. I was surprised to discover how much risk you can eliminate by simply doing thorough research. Before, I didn’t take much notice of interest rates and the share market. Now I’ve developed a real love for all things real estate.


Sucess Simon

My life has completely changed since my first meeting with Your Future Strategy.

I walked in focussed on property investment and I walked out revaluating my whole financial future, objectives and personal goals. I learned very quickly I needed to put a plan in place for my immediate future and for my retirement.

While setting short and long-term goals can be quite confronting, I have to say I enjoyed this experience using the Your Future Strategy process. Being able to look back at these goals and see that I am achieving them is rewarding and satisfying.

Initially, I felt nervous and apprehensive about investing – it felt risky. Taking those first steps with the support of Your Future Strategy helped me feel safer, and now I am excited and more confident about my future than ever.

For me, retirement has always been something I thought I could just deal with later. Apparently not. With the help of Your Future Strategy over a very short period of time, I have invested in three properties and have set up a SMSF. I am well and truly on the way to my ideal retirement on the golf course and by the beach.

One of the reasons I feel so comfortable and confident with the Your Future Strategy team is that they treated me like an individual. They took the time to understand my circumstances and needs and I can see that reflected in my financial strategy.

Daniel & Hayley

Sucess Daniel

We haven’t stopped learning since our very first one hour meeting with Lisa. Going through Your Future Strategy planning and assessment process changed our focus from purchasing an investment property that may later become our home, to reducing our tax situation and building future wealth – sufficient for us to retire within 15 years.

It’s been an exciting journey – so far we have purchased three properties and ticked off all of our original goals, goals we didn’t even know we had a little over 12 months ago. With our first baby on the way, it is reassuring to know we have a clear plan for our family’s future.

Liam & Karen


We came to Your Future Strategy on the recommendation of a friend after mentioning we were very unhappy with advice a bank had given us. We are surprised by how different the experience has been with Your Future Strategy. Their methodical and considered approach covers all the right questions for them to understand our goals – and we have felt no pressure.

We are still at the beginning of our journey with Your Future Strategy, but we can already feel our goals becoming more concrete within a framework with tangible measures.

Peter and Emily


When we relocated from Sydney to Brisbane, we contacted Your Future Strategy for advice on how we could maximise the benefit of the apartment we owned in Sydney.

We were surprised by the extent of the services Your Future Strategy offered us. They helped us identify our short, medium and long term goals to determine what our main objective was, then mapped out a pathway to achieve it. We learnt a great deal about the importance of having a holistic and personalised lifestyle strategy that went beyond simple finances to ensure we achieved what was important to us.
Their advice is always clear and simple to understand, which makes it much easier for us to make decisions.


success alex

I felt comfortable with Your Future Strategy from Day 1, unlike other similar companies where I always left the first meeting with a bad taste in my mouth. I think this was because their service was so personalised. It was all about me. We spent a lot of time working out what exactly my goals were before they prepared a strategy to turn those goals into reality.

I felt comfortable with Your Future Strategy from Day 1, unlike other similar companies where I always left the first meeting with a bad taste in my mouth. I think this was because their service was so personalised. It was all about me. We spent a lot of time working out what exactly my goals were before they prepared a strategy to turn those goals into reality.

Tarah and Brendan

success Tarah Brendan

We have always wanted to act on our ambition to plan for our future but as we were both working full time and were starting our own family, we did not have the time or the expertise to explore our options. On the recommendation of a work colleague, Your Future Strategy became our experts. They provided us with direction and did all the leg work to find the best solutions.

Some of their other value-added services have been a great help too – consolidation of our superannuation, quick and easy tax return process, and also exploring some areas we would have never thought of with life insurance.

Philip and Bronwyn

We had been considering an investment property with a fairly large property investment company when a few red flags made us nervous, so we contacted Your Future Strategy for a second opinion. From the start they have been very pleasant, friendly and forthcoming with their professional advice. They have always responded to my queries rapidly and thoroughly.

Our main objective for investing was to secure a comfortable self-funded retirement, and with the help of Your Future Strategy, we feel we are on the right path.

Jeff & Kim

I was surprised by how simple Your Future Strategy made it to implement an investment plan. Starting with a casual yet thorough discussion about our needs and long-term goals, Your Future Strategy created a customised investment strategy. This painless process has encouraged me to set goals in other areas of my life as well.

I am excited that we are taking positive action for ourselves, and our family. I no longer waste time on “I wish I could …”. I just talk to Your Future Strategy, because I know together we can make it happen.

Nic and Donna

When we starting talking to Your Future Strategy, we were renting and we had no other property and very little savings. All we had was a loose plan that maybe we would invest in property once our two children became independent. Now, less than a year later and without too much effort, we have our first tenanted property. We’re on our way to achieving our goal of three investment properties – one for each child, and one for us.

We were impressed that Your Future Strategy took the time to understand us, and what we wanted. Their advice was not restricted to property investment. With the range of services they offer, they tailored our life plan, which has helped shape and confirm our life long financial goals and ambitions.