Gareth Croy is the owner, founder & Managing Director of Your Future Strategy. We spent ten minutes with him to find out a bit more about how he started his career and where the YFS idea was born.

Gareth, you’re well-known for your unwavering passion and knowledge around the financial industry, but where did it all begin for you?

I grew up in New Zealand, and was always interested in financial concepts in one way or another. It wasn’t until I went to university to study Law & Commerce, and dropped the Law part (“to be finished at a later date…” – we all know how that went!) that I realised how much I felt an affinity with all things financial.

I have always been fascinated by property too. The architecture, the design, the development, the investment, the modes of wealth creation; it has always been a place where I can spend hours admiring one aspect or another.  Which is why when I dropped studying law, I picked up Property along with Commerce.

Fast-forward to 2008 I moved to Australia, having also lived in the UK and been working across Europe and the US. I completed a Financial Services Diploma and at the same time became a Consultant in Business Turnaround for an accounting advisory firm. I really enjoyed this role and spent a lot of time immersed in the world of business and strategy.

It was in 2009 that I met Lisa. Looking back, I can see that what we have created together now is an extension of our personalities out in the real world! If we see an opportunity to help someone grow, or give them a helping hand to do something they couldn’t do on their own, we jump to it. We both want to help and serve people as much as we can, and it was through our conversations in these early years together that the seeds of creating a multi-disciplinary professional services firm were planted.

In 2011 I officially became a licenced Financial Planner, and Your Future Strategy emerged. We didn’t have quite the same strings to our bow then that we do now, but the concept has always been the same – provide as much knowledge, relevant advice, and professional services as we can, with the desired end game of putting our clients in a much better position than they would have achieved on their own.

Seven years into our YFS journey we moved our offices into 50 Cavill Avenue, which we still call home today, although this is now our ‘head office’ if you like as we continue to steadily grow and open up offices around Australia.

What is it about YFS that you are most proud of?

One of the things I am most proud of about the business we have created is the positive impact we have been able to have on the financial security and freedom of so many people – clients and staff – many of whom we have helped get into such a strong financial position that they could leave the workforce in their 40s and 50s if they wanted to.

I don’t really see myself as a Financial Adviser, I see myself as a financial educator. I am so passionate about empowering people through knowledge around their own finances and the financial landscape as a whole. If I can explain even the most complex scenarios to people, and help them truly understand it, I know they will feel empowered to take action.

If you could give one piece of advice to people thinking about engaging with YFS, what would it be?

I would say don’t be embarrassed about anything in your financial history or profile. Everything is important and will allow us to truly be able to help you. And no goal is too big or too small either. We want to get to know the real you, so we can grow the real you moving forward.

Outside of work, what makes you happy?

Being a New Zealander I am of course a huge rugby union fan! However my main passion is travelling with my family, especially to experience the enormous variety of different wines that the world has to offer. I appreciate the contrasts of tastes from different regions; being able to understand all the complexities, the rich history, the geography, the impact of the weather, all in one bottle. It is a lifelong love of mine that I am dedicated to mastering, one delicious glass at a time.

We know you believe that if you set a goal, it can be reached – what are your goals?

One of the first things I always ask my clients to do is write down their goals. This keeps them focused by reminding them of what they’re working towards, and helps them recognise their success when they achieve it. So its only fair that I follow my own advice and write down my own goals.

My own 10-year financial goal is for YFS to make 500 clients at least $1,000,000 each, and 10 clients $10,000,000!

I’m on the way…

Posted on 24/05/2024